Wool Mask Sheet

Wool Mask Sheet

This mask sheet is made of 100% Tencel fiber and can be used for cosmeceutical.


The main application:  basic sheet for facial mask

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Wool Mask Sheet Details

Performance characteristics

● Moisturizing property: It can promote the secretion of collagen, strong whitening, anti-uv effect, anti-inflammatory, and acne-prone ability. It can effectively supplement the daily and missing water of facial skin, leaving skin with white, soft and bright. Perfect skin.

●Conformity and Permeability: Applying the essence to the corners of the face can bring the essence to the whole skin. However, our wool mask is a soft, highly permeable mask with a high concentration of essence. On the mask, it will not fall at all.

●Adsorption: It can absorb a large amount of essence, and it is very docile. It is not easy to wrinkle and fall, ensuring full absorption with the essence.


Product specifications

Gram weight (g/m2) 90 Appearance structure Wool-alike
Color White Fabric Width(cm) 90-180
Raw materials 100% Tencel fiber Water absorption rate (S/5cm) 20
Wet lateral strength (N/5cm) 75 Absorbency (%) 1050
Wet longitudinal strength (N/5cm) 85 Wet transverse tear elongation (%) 120
    Wet longitudinal tear elongation (%) 75


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