Wool  Face Mask Sheet

Wool Face Mask Sheet

The raw material is made of lyocell fiber which is excellent soft, the special knitting process is used to create mask sheet with super liquid absorption.

Main application:

Used as the base of a facial sheet mask.

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Performance Characteristics

●Moisture retention:This mask sheet has a good moisturizing effect, so that the skin moisture is not volatile.

●Adherence and permeability:Wool mask sheet is a soft, permeable mask sheet, the essence is attached to the mask cloth, will not drop.

●Adsorbability:Can absorb a lot of essence, and very good, not easy to wrinkle, drop.


Product Specifications:

Grammage(g/m2) 90 Structure Similar to the knitting
Color White Width(cm) 180
Raw material Lyocell Liquid absorption (S/5cm) 20
Dry transverse strenngth(N/5cm) 65 Liquid absorption rate(%) 1050
Dry longitudinal strenngth(N/5cm) 80    
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