Soy Protein Face Mask Sheet

Soy Protein Face Mask Sheet

Soy Protein Face Mask Sheet is the main component of soybean fiber, soybean fiber is soybean extract as raw material, the use of soybean components, so that the film cloth has the effect of moistening gas, antibacterial antibacterial. Combined with Lyocell fiber which has strong liquid absorption rate, soft adhesion, good air permeability, is a kind of environmentally friendly green fiber.

The main purpose:Used for making mask sheet.

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Performance Feature

● The advantage : super air permeability!

● High liquid absorption.

● Excellent moisture conductivity and super softness.

● Soft, smooth, with excellent skin-friendly effect.


Product specification

  Grammage(g/m2)  30g   Structure  Plain  or Mesh
 Color  Light yellow   Width(cm)  180
  Raw materials Soybean fiber &Lyocell  Liquid absorption (S/5cm)  20
  Dry transverse strength(N/5cm)  65 Liquid absorption  rate(%)  1000
  Dry longitudinal strength(N/5cm)  50    




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