Selfheal Mask Sheet

Selfheal Mask Sheet

This facial mask sheet is made of  selfheal fiber and lyocell,selfheal fiber contains a variety of natural active ingredients, rich in vitamins, carbohydrates and a variety of amino acids,combined with the advantages of lyocell, increased compliance, softness and flexibility.

Main application

It is used to make facial mask sheet.

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Performance characteristics

  • Permeability: this mask cloth uses special technology to create a product with low gram weight and hard texture, which can quickly penetrate and moisturize the skin, open the skin channel, and fill the skin with moisture continuously.
  •  Moisturizing: the contact surface between the skin becomes smaller, so as to have excellent water-locking function, and the moisture retention  is 5-10 times of the ordinary facial mask.
  • Adhesiveness: with a rich porous structure, so there is a strong adsorption. With super skin, soft and delicate characteristics.


Product specifications

Gram weight(g/m2)


Appearance structure

plain or mesh pattern


color width(cm) 180


Selfheal fiber、lyocell water absorption rate(S/5cm) 20

Dry transverse strength(N/5cm)

55 liquid absorption rate(%) 1050

Dry longitudinal strength(N/5cm)

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