Seaweed Facial Mask Sheet

Seaweed Facial Mask Sheet

This mask sheet is made of Cupro, Tencel and seaweed fibers, which mainly has the function of moisturizing and hydrating.


The main purpose:   Basic sheet for facial mask 

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Seaweed Facial Mask Sheet Details

Performance characteristics

● Mildness: Seaweed is very gentle, truly natural, and has not undergone any complicated processing. Therefore, this mask sheet is safe for use.

● Moisturizing and hydrating: The seaweed mask is rich in vitamins, amino acids, iodine, calcium, phosphorus, iron and other minerals and trace elements, as well as seaweed gum, seaweed protein and other nutrients. It has moisturizing, hydrating and anti-aging effects on the skin. 


Specifications and Technical Data

Gram weight (g/m2) 40 Appearance structure  Mesh Weave
Color white Fabric width (cm) 96-192

Cupro, Tencel and

Seaweed fiber

Water absorption rate(S/5cm) 18
Wet lateral strength (N/5cm) 75 Absorbency (%) 1050
Wet longitudinal strength (N/5cm) 85 Wet transverse tear elongation (%) 65
    Wet longitudinal tear elongation (%) 75
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