Lead Cell Facial Mask Sheet (28gsm)

Lead Cell Facial Mask Sheet (28gsm)

Lead Cell is our registered trade name. This mask sheets is not only with excellent invisibility, but also has outstanding stiffness though it's very thin and soft. This mask sheet is made of 100% Lyocell.  It’s almost invisible after the face mask is applied onto the face. The mask sheet is excellent in softness, water absorption and water permeability, ensuring that the essence is better absorbed by the human skin.


Application: Non-woven pre-cut sheet for facial mask

Remarks:  No support film is needed for this mask sheet.


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  • Softness:The sheet has good softness without losing the stiffness. It can closely fit the skin and cover the skin's grooves.


  • Smoothness:The surface is delicate, smooth and excellent sense of touch.


  • Skin-fitness: It has excellent skin-fitness than other common mask sheet.


  • Cost-saving: It doesn't need support film though it's only 28gsm. Therefore, it's the most cost-saving invisible mask sheet.


Product specifications

Gram weight(g/m2) 28 Appearance structure Plain pattern
color White Width(cm) 180
Ingredients Copper ammonia fiber, Lyocell (Tencel) Water absorption rate(S/5cm) 20
Dry transverse strength(N/5cm) 50 Liquid absorption rate(%) 1050
Dry longitudinal strength(N/5cm) 60    
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