Invisible Facial Mask Sheet (Mesh Weave)

Invisible Facial Mask Sheet (Mesh Weave)

The mask sheet is made of copper ammonia fiber and Tencel fiber. It's super soft and skin-friendly without sensitization. This mask sheet is made with mesh weave. It has better water-permeability and can help essence access the face skin completedly. It can also lock the water and prevent evaporation for long time. It's a standard light and transparent mask sheet.


The main application:

Basic sheet for facial mask

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Invisible Facial Mask Sheet (Mesh Weave) Details

Performance characteristics

  • Softness: the mask sheet made of copper ammonia fiber has the advantage of good flexibility. The sheet can fit the skin completely and cover the groove of skin.
  • Smoothness: delicate surface, smooth touch.
  • Double-sided: the side which adhere to the face skin has excellent softy, water absorption and water permeability, which can ensure that the essence of the liquid can be better absorbed by the human skin;  another side of the mask sheet is breathable and it can prevent water from evaporating quickly. This completely solve the moisture volatilization defect of the common mask material.


Specifications and technical data

Gram weight(g/m2) 22~80 Appearance structure Mesh weave
color White Fabric Width(cm) 96~192
Raw materials Copper ammonia fiber, Tencel fiber Water absorption rate(S/5cm) 20
Wet transverse strength(N/5cm) 75 Liquid absorption rate(%) 1150
Wet longitudinal strength(N/5cm) 85 Wet transverse tear elongation(%) 120
    Wet longitudinal tear elongation(%) 65
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