Invisible Facial Mask Sheet (Mesh Pattern)

Invisible Facial Mask Sheet (Mesh Pattern)

Invisible mask sheets are made of copper ammonia fiber and lyocell, sometimes, with plant fibers.

It is very soft, thin and light without any sensitization to the skin. It can lock the water for long time and prevent evaporation, fully meet standard of lightness and transparency.


Main application

● Used in producing face sheet mask

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Performance characteristics

● Softness: Invisible mask sheet has good flexibility, which can closely fit the skin and cover the groove of skin.

● Smooth: delicate surface, smooth touch.

● Double-sided: the surface of skin has excellent softy, water absorption and water permeability, which can ensure that the essence of the liquid can be better absorbed by the human skin;  another surface breathable and preventing water from evaporating, which can completely solve the defect of moisture volatile of mask material


Product specifications

Gram weight(g/m2) 22~35 Appearance structure Plain  
color White Width(cm) 180
Ingredients Copper ammonia fiber, Tencel fiber Water absorption rate(S/5cm) 20
Dry transverse strength(N/5cm) 50 Liquid absorption rate(%) 1050
Dry longitudinal strength(N/5cm) 60 Wet transverse tear elongation(%) 120
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