Gauze Facial Mask Sheet

Gauze Facial Mask Sheet

This mask sheet is made of Tencel fiber and cotton which are suitable for most of the skin. It combines all the characteristics of gauze, safty, anti-sensitive, hydrating, moisturizing, breathable. It's an ideal mask sheet for cosmeceutical. It looks just like gauze. 


The main purpose:

● Basic sheet for Cosmeceutical Facial Mask

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Gauze Facial Mask Sheet Details

Performance characteristics

●Safety:       Pure cotton gauze is a natural green product without any chemical additives, and it has no irritation to the skin.

●Softness: Compared with ordinary cotton cloth, gauze is soft to the touch, does not hurt the skin, and has good air permeability.

● Moisturizing property: The gauze adopts the design of sparse mesh, which has good air permeability, strong applicability and good moisture retention.


Specifications and Technical Data

Weight(g/m2) 60 Structure appearance Gauze-alike
Colour White Width(cm) 140
Raw material Tencel, Cotton Water absorption rate(S/5cm) 20
Wet lateral strength(N/5cm) 120 Liquid absorption rate(%) 1050
Wet longitudinal strength(N/5cm) 120 Wet longitudinal tear elongation(%) 75
     Wet transverse tear elongation(%)  90
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