Flat Fiber Facial Mask Sheet

Flat Fiber Facial Mask Sheet

It's a superior facial mask sheet combining the features of both breathability and skin-friendly nature. The S-shaped texture on the fabric’s surface increases the contact area between mask sheet and skin, and it can further access the wrinkles in the skin. It is a breathable basic mask sheet.

Main application: the basic fabric sheet for facial mask

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Flat Fiber Facial Mask Sheet Details

Performance characteristics

● Applicability: The mask has the dual advantages of Tencel copper ammonia, which has superior applicability and breathability.

● Softness: Tencel fiber is softer and smoother than normal cotton, and has excellent biocompatibility with human skin. It is soft and comfortable to apply and does not irritate the skin. It is applied to the face and is naturally transparent and closely attached.

● Hygroscopicity: The hygroscopicity of Tencel is 8 times that of ordinary cotton. Combined with the characteristics of copper ammonia fiber, the mask has super moisturizing properties.


Specifications and Technical Data

Weight(g/m2) 28g Structure appearance  Mesh plus S-Pattern Weave
Colour White Width(cm) 90-180
Raw materials Cupro, Tencel and Flat fiber Water absorption rate(S/5cm) 20
Wet lateral strength(N/5cm) 80 Liquid absorption rate(%) 1050
Wet longitudinal strength(N/5cm) 105 Wet longitudinal tear elongation(%) 70
     Wet transverse tear elongation(%) 85
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