Cotton Facial Mask Sheet

Cotton Facial Mask Sheet

The Cotton Mask Sheet is made of 100% cotton fiber. The unique cutting of the mask sheet can make the mask perfectly fit your face without falling from your face. It can also effectively moisturize your skin. It is soft and air permeable.

The main purpose:

Used as the base of a facial sheet mask.

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Performance characteristics
● Softness: the cotton mask sheet has good softness and can closely fit the skin and cover the grooves of the skin.
● Smoothness: fine surface, smooth touch.
● Adherence: The excellent softness, water absorption and permeability of the skin-attached surface ensure that the essence can be better absorbed by the human skin; the face is breathable, moisturizing, and non-volatile, which can completely solve the defect of moisture volatilization of the mask material.


Product specifications

Grammage(g/m2) 40-70 Appearance structure Plain pattern
Color White Width(cm) 150-180
Ingredients Cotton Fiber Water absorption rate(S/5cm) 20
Dry transverse strength(N/5cm) 65 Liquid absorption rate(%) 800
Dry longitudinal strength(N/5cm) 75    
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