Boxwood Facial Mask Sheet

Boxwood Facial Mask Sheet

The mask sheet is made of 100% boxwood fiber, which is soft in texture, docile, and has many tiny holes to make up for the lack of air permeability of the thick mask.


The main purpose:   Basic sheet for facial mask

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Boxwood Facial Mask Sheet Details

Performance characteristics

● Adsorption: The adsorption of boxwood mask is much better than ordinary non-woven mask and tencel mask, and it can absorb a lot of essence.

● Applicability: very docile, not easy to wrinkle, drop, to ensure full absorption with the essence

● Breathability: It has many tiny holes to achieve excellent mask breathability.


Specifications and Technical Data

Gram weight(g/m2) 60 Appearance structure  Plain
Color white width (cm) 90-180
Raw materials 100% Boxwood fiber Water absorption rate(S/5cm) 17
Wet lateral strength (N/5cm) 120 Liquid absorption rate (%) 1000
Wet longitudinal strength (N/5cm) 120 Wet longitudinal tear elongation (%) 90
     Wet transverse tear elongation (%)90  
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