Black Tencel Facial Mask Sheet

Black Tencel Facial Mask Sheet

The mask sheet is made of 50% Tencel and 50% Cupro fiber, which is super light, thin and skin-friendly.  It can also lock the water and prevent evaporation for longer time. The fabric is dyed in Japan and never faded. Any color can be put on such as blue, yellow, pink etc. 


Main application: the basic fabric sheet for facial mask

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Black Tencel Facial Mask Sheet Details

Performance characteristics

  • Softness: excellent softness, closely fit the skin and no impact on normal activities when putting the facial mask onto the face.
  • Double-sided: well absorb the essence without wasting one drop of it. The texture is super light, thin and soft.
  • Fitness:  Tencel fiber has a super strong adsorption ability which can well absorb the facial dirt.


Specifications and Technical Data

Gram weight (g/m2) 30~80 Appearance structure Plain Weave/Mesh Weave
Color Black or colorful Fabric Width(cm) 90-180
Raw materials Tencel, Cupro Water absorption rate (S/5cm) 20
Wet lateral strength (N/5cm) 70 Absorbency (%)  1050
Wet longitudinal strength (N/5cm) 80 Wet longitudinal tear elongation (%)  85
     Wet transverse tear elongation (%)  60
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