Invisible Facial Mask Sheet (Big Mesh)

Invisible Facial Mask Sheet (Big Mesh)

This mask sheet is with big mesh. It can be used for cosmecutical. It's light, soft, skin-friendly, moisturizing and breathable. It is like the skin of the human body. It is smooth and smooth, and it has excellent breathability. It completely covers the skin.


The main purpose:  Baisc Sheet for Facial Mask 

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Invisible Facial Mask Sheet (Big Mesh) Details

Performance characteristics

● Moisture absorption and gas permeability: Tencel is the first cellulose fiber in wet state, the wet strength is much better than cotton, combined with the sparse characteristics of the mesh type film cloth, it is a breathable mask. cloth

● Tear-off property: Under good wet strength, the film can be stretched at will, suitable for tight wrapping of any face.

● Applicability: The effect of bonding is better, and it can be applied to the face skin closely, thus achieving perfect care for every inch of skin.


Specifications and Technical Data

Gram weight (g/m2)   Appearance structure Mesh Weave
Color White Fabric Width(cm) 90-180
Raw materials Cupro, Tencel water absorption rate (S/5cm) 20
Wet lateral strength(N/5cm) 75 Absorbency(%) 1200
Wet lateral strength (N/5cm) 100 Wet longitudinal tear elongation 80
Wet transverse tear elongation(%) 90    
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