What do you do in the autumn skin care allergy?

Update:06 Feb 2018

The winter weather is dry, many girls' skin appears to […]

The winter weather is dry, many girls' skin appears to have symptoms, so what should we do, what can we do to reduce the skin allergy?
1, in the diet, pay attention to the balance of nutrition, can eat more milk, fresh water fish, bean products and fresh vegetables, fruit, in order to enhance the skin resistance. Avoid eating seafood such as fish, crab and other allergy food.
2, allergic people, the first use of some kind of product should be very careful, in advance should do skin patch test, such as no reaction, can be used, otherwise it can not be used. Cosmetic semifinished products can not be replaced frequently. The skin care products containing too much spice and excess acid can not be used. Some simple components, without additives can try to use cosmeceutical skincare.
3. It is wrong to overcare and ignore allergies. Too many products and too complex skin care procedures are not an effective way to improve allergies. But no application is also no good, because lack of nourishment may lead to more serious peeling. Lack of sun care can make skin rough and cause uneven pigmentation.
4, if found themselves are sensitive to cosmetics, they should stop using, not because of a moment to cut their skin deterioration. If you want to put on makeup, you can use the key make-up method, paint the eyeliner, apply some mascara, and apply the natural and bright lipstick, which can also create a beautiful makeup.
5, skin allergy, do not use too hot water wash face, to avoid stimulation of the skin, more can not use soap, the alkali will aggravate the skin allergy symptoms. With a mild Cleansing Cream face advice, do not apply any skin care products, make some available fingers, gently massage on the face, (with finger tapping as well, not excessive force, so as not to cause dermatitis), facial muscles relax, promote normal blood circulation, will accelerate the cure of skin allergies.


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