Traditional non-woven mask

Update:28 Nov 2017

  Definition: Non-woven mask is a type of facial mask, […]

  Definition: Non-woven mask is a type of facial mask, non-woven fabric is the essence of liquid carrier, most of the early paste mask as a carrier. It reduces the evaporation and loss of nourishing nutrients. Essence more easily absorbed.
Material: Non-woven is a non-woven fabric that is a new type of fiber with soft, breathable and planar structures formed directly from polymer chips, short fibers or filaments by a variety of web forming methods and station fixing techniques Products.
1) One at a time, closed packaging, sanitation, preservative content is relatively low;
2) Non-woven substrate fluffy, soft, cotton nets uniform, does not produce lint, tough and durable;
3) Compared to smear mask, portable, easy to clean, some disposable;
4) The price relative to other wet wipes type mask, lower cost.
1) Poor affinity with the skin, heavy non-compliance posts, breathable general; reach the meaning of the real deposited mask.
2) Non-woven fabric is also called non-woven, the raw material composition is roughly: 63% of polypropylene, 23% of polyester, 8% of viscose, 2% of acrylic fiber, 15% of polyamide, the rest of the other fibers. And then by high temperature melting, spinning,? Hot coiling one-step continuous production from the law, sensitive skin to pay special attention to use.
3) Nonwovens production process will consume a lot of oil resources, from this point, non-woven mask is not a real sense of environmental protection materials.
4) Deposited mask as a white mask, poor vision, and mobility.

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