There is a stress mask to understand the mistakes do not do nothing

Update:30 May 2018

1, must adhere to the mask The winter-spring handover i […]

1, must adhere to the mask

The winter-spring handover is the "dry period" of the skin. The long-term air-conditioning environment makes the skin become dull due to lack of water. To keep the skin tender and tender, moisturizing mask is the fastest tool. So if you are afraid of cold, you must stick to the mask.

2, mask before steaming surface to promote absorption

When the temperature is low, the body's metabolism slows and the pores shrink. The same mask, the effect is generally not obvious from other seasons. If you are in front of the mask with warm water or face steamed with steam, this will not only make facial mask when the application of facial pores can also promote its blood circulation, so that the skin to better absorb moisture and essence of the mask.

3, moisturizing mask can be heated

Heating the mask may be a practice that many people will think of, but when used, it is also not knowing whether the ingredients of the mask itself will be destroyed. General moisturizing mask is best suited for soaking at 45°C for 5 minutes. If the temperature is too high or the heating time is too long, the ingredients of the mask will be destroyed. 45°C is slightly higher than the normal body temperature of 36.8°C in the human body and is a relatively safe temperature for unstable components. After five minutes of soaking, the temperature of the mask will be integrated to a temperature similar to that of the human body. The effect is certainly best.

4, whitening class can not be heated

The heating just mentioned is very useful for moisturizing facial masks, but you must never forget that this is not suitable for whitening facial masks! Because vitamin C and amino acids in the whitening mask, as well as ellagic acid, which is the hot ingredient of last year, are all unstable components. After heating, you are no use.
Tip: Cleansing, tightening, and cell activation masks are relatively stable, but they help promote absorption after heating.

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