The knowledge about nonwoven facial mask knowledge

Update:10 Jul 2021

Non-woven facial mask is one of the common facial mask, […]

Non-woven facial mask is one of the common facial mask, the price is more favorable, the effect is usually moisturizing, moisturizing and whitening, more suitable for neutral skin and dry skin. Non-woven face film can have to protect moisture, moisturizing, whitening, supply nutrition and other effects. Because the cuticle of the skin as the outer layer of the skin, as a balance of skin moisture, together as a barrier, to protect the skin from external damage, and soft non-woven fabric on the facial skin without damage, coupled with the use of convenient, hygienic characteristics by more and more people welcome.

Non-woven facial mask product use: non-woven facial mask is covered in the face of a short time, block the contact between the skin and air, inhibit the skin moisture transpiration, so as to adhere to the facial skin enough moisture; A non-woven mask with water can fully moisturize the skin cuticle, enhance the penetration of the cuticle, so that the nutrients in the mask can effectively infiltrate into the skin, promote the metabolism of epithelial tissue cells. Non-woven facial mask includes non-woven fabric and essence, non-woven fabric as a carrier to absorb essence, and can be fixed in a specific position on the face, forming a closed layer to promote the absorption of essence.

Non-woven facial mask features:

1.No fiber chips, strong, durable, silky soft, with a cotton feel.

2.Feel soft:Non-woven fabrics feel soft when used, and have a good moisturizing function, so in the process of use, the mask will not dry and make the skin tight. The good moisture of non-woven fabric can make the skin moist, soft and relaxed during the whole process of use.

3.The load carrying essence is more: the application feels soft and comfortable.

Usage of non-woven facial mask:

1. Take the non-woven mask apart and soak it in milk or other products. After a few minutes, the non-woven mask will swell up and then apply to your face.

2. Or pour the moisturizer in the bowl, put the non-woven mask to be covered with, and then apply it on the face, which can be conducive to the long-term absorption of the skin.

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