Summer cosmetics store these mistakes you made ?

Update:30 Jan 2018

Many people have placed their own cosmetic storage box, […]

Many people have placed their own cosmetic storage box, but there are a lot of people how exactly how to get along, in fact, the preservation of cosmetics is a lot of regulatory requirements, talk to you today and should keep in mind the few points.
Prevent exposure. Many cosmetics in the preservation of the precautions are clearly stated dark preservation, which is to remind consumers not to prolong the product to prevent exposure to the sun, because after high temperature, the product will inevitably lose activity, but also lead to the growth of bacteria .
Cosmetics damp, I believe many people have this habit, some commonly used cosmetics on the toilet, easy to use directly in the mirror, in fact, this is not desirable, because the bathroom are basically water vapor heavier space, but also will Because of the bath and lead to high temperature within the environment, it is recommended to move more than usual, so buy a product wasted.
Some women like to say that most cosmetics are stored in the refrigerator, which is OK for products such as lyophilized powder and ampoule, but for most products, it is really undesirable because they are frequently placed in the refrigerator , Come out, coming and going will produce temperature difference, is not conducive to the stability of the product, while the refrigerator is also stored with other foods, it is also easy to cause cross-contamination, it is recommended if you want to store in the refrigerator, it is best to some small capacity , Good product sealing into it,
Different cosmetics have different storage conditions, but most products are stored in the same place, cool and dry place and no direct sunlight.

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