Selection method of mask powder

Update:06 Mar 2018

Regular mask is compulsory for each scheming woman, if […]

Regular mask is compulsory for each scheming woman, if the mind masks the price is not high, it is also an excellent facial mask powder. The market is only mask powder products dizzying, a superb collection of beautiful things, exactly what is the facial mask powder powder good? Next come to know the selection method of mask powder.
1, The base material and the ingredients are all better. The selection of the base material for the selection of pure plants requires the minerals and nutrients extracted from pure natural plants. It is good to use top medicinal materials for ingredients, so it can be guaranteed in efficacy, safety and quality.
2, Less white edge. Even if the application is thin, high quality mask powder is almost no white edge, the appearance of white edge will increase the membrane difficulties and after the skin will appear dry itching.
3, The powder should be fine. The quality of the mask powder is fine. The mask made by this way has high gloss and good absorption. The facial texture can be clearly seen on the finished mask.
4, the same weight, more weight. The same weight, the size of a large difference, some of the ordinary mask powder in the weight of only 1/3 of the high quality. So a good mask can greatly reduce the cost.
5, Finish the effect of the film. With the high quality mask powder finish the mask, you can see the very clean and whitening skin, and the feeling is new.
6, Do not flow: high quality mask powder finished film apply to the face will not flow, not dirty clothes and towels, easy to operate.
7, Mask powder is good: high quality mask powder can normally make a mask in only 30 seconds, while a bad quality takes a few minutes or even dozens of minutes to adjust the mask.

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