Pure silk invisible mask

Update:19 Dec 2017

    Ingredients: 100% pure silk, about 15 cocoon woven […]

    Ingredients: 100% pure silk, about 15 cocoon woven into a mask
Origins: inspired by thousands of years of Chinese silk culture and beauty of the Royal concubine beauty secret, so far.
1) mask material itself has a certain role in skin care, so that "film" force doubled. With ordinary non-woven or cotton patch mask biggest difference, pure silk mask material itself has a natural skin care effect. Studies have shown that: Silk is a natural protein fiber, which contains about 70% of silk fibroin, and silk fibroin protein rich, containing 18 amino acids, including leucine can accelerate cell metabolism, contribute to wound healing; serine, Amino acids can produce collagen, can delay skin aging.
2) light docile, silky skin-friendly, pure natural is not allergic. Silk is a living fabric, natural protein fiber composed of 18 kinds of amino acids, and the human skin chemical results are very similar, has a good compatibility, due to its smoothness, drape, flexibility, wrinkle resistance, antibacterial Are much better than cotton and have the lowest coefficient of frictional irritation on the human body for all types of fibers (only 7.4%); greatly reducing the chances of skin irritation and pruritus.
3) light and luxurious, dashing beauty. Silk is the essence of nature bestowed on human beings, was recognized as the best human luxury fiber, enjoy the "Queen of fibers" in the world. When the delicate skin and exquisite silky silk encounter, bringing luxury exquisite top skin care to enjoy.

      1) 100% pure silk, expensive luxury, non-mass consumer goods.
2) concept silk mask too much market, you need to understand the relevant professional identification methods will not be deceived.


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