Non-woven mask

Update:07 Nov 2017

Is a non-woven or non-dusting paper as a carrier of new […]

Is a non-woven or non-dusting paper as a carrier of new products, its greatest feature is the skin can be set, moisturizing, whitening and other effects in one, a variety of functions to complete, very easy to use, and the new non-woven substrate Fluffy, soft, with the feeling of cotton products, water retention is good.
1, the substrate (non-woven): Compared with the traditional mask, the immersion liquid to add a variety of active additives, moisturizing agent. There is not much difference between the grease, it is the biggest improvement in the non-woven substrate that is the update. Non-wovens  that directly utilize new, flexible, breathable and planar fiber-based fabrics made of polymer chips, staple fibers or filaments through a variety of web forming and consolidation techniques. Its characteristics Is no lint, tough, durable, silk-like soft, cotton feel.
Non-woven feel soft when used, but also has very good moisturizing properties, so during use, the mask will not be dry and make the skin tight. The good moisturizing type of non-woven fabric allows the skin to be in a state of nourishing, softening and relaxing throughout the use phase.
2, impregnating solution: Such mask impregnating solution is essentially a microemulsion, the ingredients are usually moisturizer, grease, water, solubilizer, active agent. Active agent according to different efficacy and choice, you can have whitening, wrinkles, moisturizing and other effects. Commonly used moisturizer glycerol, hyaluronic acid, etc., while the fat to light vegetable oil-based.
Features: Skins can be treated with these impregnation solutions alone, while the use of nonwovens gives mask more benefits.
First, easy to use, this mask can be used anywhere, after use without face wash, just slowly massage the face so that nutrients can be completely absorbed. For some need to immediately improve the skin condition, or traveling in the ladies are particularly suitable.
The second is hygienic and safe, one-time use, reducing the possibility of secondary pollution, because the mask also has a large number of nutrients, so the anti-corrosion is particularly important.
3, suitable for the type of skin: As the non-woven mask does not have a good cleaning ability, its effectiveness is usually moisturizing, moisturizing, then it is more suitable for use of neutral, dry skin.
Non-woven mask can play a moisturizing, moisturizing, nutrition and other effects. Because the skin's cuticle as the outermost layer of the skin, responsible for the balance of skin moisture, at the same time as a barrier to protect the skin from the outside world, and soft non-woven facial skin damage, coupled with ease of use, health features are being More and more people are welcome.

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