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Update:04 May 2018

Non-woven fabric The most common type of mask fabric on […]

Non-woven fabric
The most common type of mask fabric on the market is the simplification of the cumbersome operation of the soft film, which facilitates the customer's care at home, and the price is close to the people, and it is easier for the user to accept it.

However, the same non-woven fabric as a mask fabric also has obvious disadvantages. Its poor affinity with the skin is only the carrier of the essence; the nutrient content of the essence in the transdermal absorption rate is a question mark, and the effect is not satisfactory. And non-woven mask will appear "reverse suction" phenomenon.

Silkworm cocoon is a sphere composed of silk, and the linking material between the silk is active silk protein, and the proportion is about 25% in the middle. When the silk protein is peeled off, the rest is the silk fiber. The main raw materials for silk masks are silk fibers and active silk proteins.

Silk Mask is the world's first to add a complex DNA repair agent to the mask to accelerate the skin's own natural repair mechanism, allowing the skin in a sub-healthy state or damaged skin to be quickly repaired, and to prevent the damage of ultraviolet rays and heavy metal substances. This DNA repair agent is similar to the cream formula of LA MER. It is luxurious but not expensive. Second, the first representative of the use of food-grade fish collagen peptides in cosmetics, in the vast majority of collagen-containing cosmetics also use cosmetic grade high-molecular-weight collagen, the silk mask is used almost food-grade luxury The micro-molecular collagen peptide formula promotes the effectiveness of the silk collagen mask to the extreme state.

Made from 100% natural silk, the natural silk composition is very similar to that of human skin. It makes facial masks extremely skin friendly, gentle and non-irritating, and can prevent allergic itching.

Silk itself contains 18 kinds of amino acids, which can effectively replenish skin tissue elastin and collagen protein, eliminate facial fine lines, rapidly improve skin elasticity, rejuvenate cells, prevent melanin formation, and whiten skin;
Silk is the lightest, softest, and finest natural fiber in nature, and can closely fill the groove of the skin; it perfectly fits the contour of the face without blistering. Each corner of the skin such as the corners of the mouth and nose can be covered and nourished;

The silk mask is extremely light, transparent, soft, and thin. When the surface is covered, the gravity is small. When the mask is applied, it can achieve a transparent invisible effect. It not only does not slip off, but also prevents the skin from being pulled loose. Spinning mask produced by the phenomenon of sucking. Foil will not affect normal activities, saving time and convenience;

Silk is a porous fiber, so strong water absorption, good penetration, moisture is 5-10 times the ordinary mask; also has excellent water lock function, can evenly release the essence, deep in the skin layer of replenishment, maintain skin for a long time Moist feeling

The low-molecular-weight food grade collagen can penetrate directly into the dermis layer and has good affinity with the surrounding tissues, which promotes the normal growth of skin cells and allows your skin to remain smooth, supple and elastic.

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