Mask powder selection method

Update:25 May 2018

Applying a mask regularly is a required course for ever […]

Applying a mask regularly is a required course for every woman who is scheming herself. If it is too costly to abandon a facial mask, it is excellent to use facial mask powder. Only the top of the market membrane film products dazzling, people dizzying, what kind of mask powder is a good mask powder? Here's a look at how to choose the following membrane powder.

1, the base material and ingredients should be good. The base material for the selection of pure plants is selected and requires the inclusion of minerals and nutrients extracted from pure natural plants. It is better to use top-grade medicinal raw materials for ingredients, so that it can be guaranteed in terms of efficacy, safety and quality.

2, less white edge. Even if it is applied thinly, the quality facial mask powder is almost free of white borders. The appearance of the white borders will increase the difficulty of getting the film and the skin will appear dry itchy and allergic.

3, silty to be delicate. The quality of the mask powder is fine, so the mask is highly glossy and well absorbed. The facial pattern can be clearly seen on the finished mask.

4, the same weight, more weight. The same weight and weight will vary greatly. Some common mask powders are only one-third of the high quality. So a good mask can greatly reduce costs.

5, finished the effect of the film. You can see a very clean and white skin after you finish the mask with a high-quality mask powder. It feels refreshed.
6, no runny: high-quality mask powder finished film deposited on the face will not runny, will not stain clothes and towels, easy to operate.

7, mask powder tone: high-quality mask powder in general as long as 30 seconds you can adjust a good mask, and poor quality take a few minutes or even tens of minutes to adjust the mask.

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