Mask peeled directly to the face?

Update:30 Mar 2018

Steps for usage  Step 1: Cleansing No matter what kind […]

Steps for usage

 Step 1: Cleansing

No matter what kind of mask you use, you must first remove the makeup and thoroughly clean the facial skin. Only by removing the dust and grease on the surface of the pores, can the mask essence be fully absorbed. When you wash your face, it is best to use warm water to clean the skin, or apply a warm towel to the face for a while, let the pores open, and then use the mask.

 Step 2: Exfoliating

Many people in order to save time, often apply a mask while bathing, in fact, apply a mask when bathing, easy to cause skin acne problems. And it is easy to forget the time while applying a mask while bathing. It is best to apply a mask at this time during the night. At night, it is the best time for the skin to absorb nutrients and self-repair. Moreover, the blood circulation of the body has just been accelerated, the skin pores have been expanded, and the nutrients in the mask are more easily absorbed!

When you find that your skin is rough and uneven, it means that you have to exfoliate. Oily skin may be exfoliated once every 1-2 weeks depending on the skin condition; dry skin and sensitive muscles, daily cleaning will also remove a part of the aging cuticle, without frequent use of exfoliating products, it is recommended not to exceed 3 per month Times can also be used when necessary.

In addition, if you use a mask that is a mud mask with a cleansing function, you can omit the exfoliating step. Exfoliating is to provide a good skin foundation for functional masks such as moisturizing, moisturizing, and whitening.

 Step 3: The essence of liquid

Next, it is still not recommended to apply mask or smear mask directly! Should be applied skin care cream primer, or with muscle liquid, moisturizing water to do the import, the skin is adjusted to the best state, so that the mask will be more effective.

According to the type of mask you use to apply the appropriate essence, such as whitening mask, apply whitening essence, moisturizing lock mask to use moisturizing essence or moisturizing water.

Remember, facial masks are not a substitute for normal skin care products. Therefore, the skin care lotions, eye creams, and face creams should not be less.

Step 4: Use facial mask

You can finally use a mask now! Patch mask, the mask paper should be deployed, with the nose as the center to push around, so that the mask fits the face flat, the mask edge should also be smoothed to avoid curling.

The smear type mask mud should be applied evenly. The dosage should follow the instructions for use of the product. Not all facial masks are applied as thick as possible.

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