Mask cloth (mask paper) selection method

Update:20 Apr 2018

Density: To choose a thicker mask paper. Thicker facial […]

Density: To choose a thicker mask paper. Thicker facial masks can relatively lock the essence or nutrient content. Too light means that the mask paper is relatively thin.

Sense of docileness: Does the mask paper conform to facial curves and embossments, does it take into account the extent of affixing around the nose and around the eye? These problems directly affect the skin's absorption of nutrients absorbed in the mask. The degree of docileness on the mask and face depends on the number of knives on the mask. Usually, the number of knives for mask paper cutting is mostly 8 knives, and that for good knives is up to 12 knives.

Material: The material of the mask affects the comfort and effect of the mask. Natural cotton texture mask is the most popular material in recent years, followed by synthetic fiber material. The slightly thick, weighty facial mask absorbs enough moisturizing essence and has a better effect on the "press seal" of the skin.

Silk mask selection:
1: Tear pull method: When the real silk tears, the silk can see the roots very uniformly and delicately, and the material of the false silk is very uneven.

2: Combustion method: After the silk burns, the real silk powder becomes powdery; when the fake silk mask burns, there will be a large amount of smoke, and the pungent odor burns to form a carbon-like texture.

3: water retention identification method: a thin piece of real silk mask can lock more than 20g essence, false silk can only lock 12g essence.

4: Real silk water lock effect is good, so generally deposited on the face will not flow everywhere, although there are few essences of fake silk, but it is still very easy to flow down.

The distinction between cotton and polyester

1, 100% cotton mask paper looks a kind of pure thick feeling. The polyester containing ingredients, although processed, will have a bright feeling.

2. 100% cotton mask paper is easy to tear, and the fiber strips after tearing are short, and the components containing polyester fiber are not easy to break, and the fiber strips after tearing are longer.

3, 100% cotton mask paper burning no obvious smell, the edge is very smooth, there is a little powder. The polyester component contains a little odor after burning, and the burned edges are slightly curled and have granules.

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