Mask can not be used every day

Update:16 Mar 2018

Dermatologists pointed out that from 11 pm to 5 am, it […]

Dermatologists pointed out that from 11 pm to 5 am, it is a period of vigorous growth and repair of skin cells. Due to the accelerated metabolism, the nutritional acceptance rate will be doubled at this time than during the day. Sleep mask is different from ordinary mask. It is mostly gelatinous or creamy, with emphasis on moisturizing, and super-rich nourishing ingredients can match the essence. After the face is covered, it is not necessary to rinse directly to sleep. Sleep mask can not only solve the symptoms of lack of luster dry skin, but also shorten the time to sleep and improve sleep quality.

Use Sleep Mask Correctly:
Step one, do a clean job, otherwise the sleep mask will clog the pores

The MM who choose to sleep mask is mostly lazy MM, but do not think that with a sleep mask on everything, use skin care before the steps but one can not be less. The old ones still need to work step by step, remove makeup, cleanse face, shoot water, and apply lotion. These must still be carried out in an orderly manner. Then we can apply the sleep mask with peace of mind.

Most sleep masks stay on the face for a long time, so if you do not do a good cleaning and skin care will make the dust and make-up clogging the pores during the day, the opposite effect, so do not want to be lazy ah.

Mistake 1: Mask must be applied every day

Mask is a big meal in skin care products. Although it works well, it cannot be used in principle unless it is specially requested. Some masks have a clearly marked cycle, such as a 5-day course of treatment, or 3 tablets in 10 days. If you want to achieve the best results, you should strictly abide by it.

If used continuously for a long period of time, 1 or 2 times per week is enough. Otherwise good food, eat too much will feel support it! Of course, if it is a special case of emergency, it can be used at any time.

Daily use of a cleansing mask can cause skin irritation and even redness and swelling, leaving immature keratin to lose its ability to resist external aggressions. Moisturizing masks are prone to cause acne every day; moisturizing facial masks can be used every day during the dry season.

Mistake 2: Apply a mask while bathing

Applying a facial mask while bathing is a very smart way to save time, but it depends on the mask you choose. It is recommended to use a wet compress mask. Both tear and jelly masks are not recommended. Because water vapor will cause the mask to not adhere to the skin, if it is a mask that requires dryness, water vapor will affect the mask effect.

In addition to facial masks, the popular facial massage creams in the beauty industry are also very suitable for bathing. By steaming during bathing, it can help soften the skin.

Mask is the skin's "supplement", can provide the skin base skin care products can not provide the energy to stimulate the skin's maximum vitality in a short time. However, "makes up for injuries", the mask is not used as much as possible, but how to apply masks but there are exquisite Oh

Error 3: No special eye mask is needed

The thickness of the eye's skin is only 1/4 of the normal skin, so it needs to be more special care. Many masks, especially cleansing moisturizers, can cause irritation to the skin with weak eyes, and should be avoided around the eyes. Therefore, if you want to strengthen the eye care of the skin, the use of eye mask is still necessary. Especially in the eyes of a large number of lack of water, lack of nutrition in the case of intensive maintenance, the effect is ideal.

In fact, the eye mask should be used consistently, at least twice a week, and with eye cream to achieve the best eye protection

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