Local mask occupies two percent share of Korean brand

Update:04 Aug 2016

Recently, the star chart data released in February onli […]

Recently, the star chart data released in February online mask brand competitiveness list. Data show that a leaf, membrane law family, Royal mud Square as the representative of the seven local brands, strong squeeze into the online mask share TOP10, local brands ushered in warm spring when the Korean brand online tide appeared, and began to emerge Diao Diao, Chanel and other high-end mask or will become the 2017 mask market benchmark.

Local mask brand stand up

Experienced false mask, poison mask and other crises, the local brand was depressed, 2016 local mask market gradually recovered. Prior to the star map data released "2016 online cosmetics consumption data white paper" pointed out that according to the classification of categories, 2016 clean skin care market, the biggest contributor for the mask, accounting for nearly four percent, which is the face of the face of recovery, and mask Of the local brand in the market share also occupies a dominant position. And the end product is the main product of clean skin care market, and high-end product market share has exceeded the market share of three percent, is expected to further expand next year.

This trend in the online list in February to be further reflected, according to the star map data on the days of cat, Jingdong, Amazon and other mainstream B2C platform monitoring, online mask brand in 2010 TOP10, the local brand share growth significantly from 15.01% in January increased to 20.99%, the list of seven local brands embrace the market share of two percent of the market share. Into a mask monopoly brand after a leaf to 5.33% of the share of the boss, in addition, membrane law family, Royal mud Square, Han, Bailu Ling and other local brand share also increased significantly.

In addition to the online mask market mainstream brand of a leaf, film family, 100 bird antelope, etc., local brands also appear to subdivide a single item famous new members, online performance is also very bright. List of new brand WIS and half acre of flowers are different characteristics of the sub-brand, WIS acne in the field of considerable fame, Amoy brand half of the flower field is started with hand-foot care, and the development of hand film footwear and other categories The It is noteworthy that the new list of brand prices, without exception, are lower than the average level of the entire market, online low-priced products still have a huge fan, 2016 mask market, the overall sales situation also reflects this feature, Star map data study found that sales of more than 70% last year, the local brand has the lowest average transaction price.

Korean brand online tide appeared

Once the mask of a single product favored by Chinese consumers favor the Korean brand online decline, the top ten list only the United States Di Huier, Li Dizi two to fill the mask famous Korean brand, and the share has shrunk a lot : Meidihui from the first fall in January to the sixth in February, as the market share of the top 50 brands in the chain than the fastest brand, the animal mask is famous SNP is out of the list top ten.

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