How to use facial mask

Update:07 Jun 2018

1, can be done at a high temperature at room temperatur […]

1, can be done at a high temperature at room temperature

In air-conditioned rooms and bathrooms, where the room temperature is relatively high, it is most suitable for masks. In a warm environment, the blood circulation of the whole body can also be accelerated. When the pores are opened, the mask is applied to the face to promote the mask. Absorption.

2, do not face the heater and other equipment

Just said that doing it at a high temperature in the room would facilitate absorption, and some people would think, wouldn't that be to face the heater directly? The answer is of course NO! Apply mask to say white is to use the principle of isolating the air so that nutrients penetrate into the skin, stimulate the skin to continuously absorb large amounts of nutrients. The equipment such as the heater not only does not help the mask to absorb, but will let the hot air dry the face of the water, the more it gets dry.

3, mask best once in three days
Of course, the mask time is also stressful. It is unscientific for a day and a month. The skin from the basal cell layer to the new stratum corneum is 25 days, and the new keratin becomes useless old dead skin is 3 days, so it is best to make a mask for 3 days.
When the climate is dry, the moisture is easy to get rid of, and the mask stays on the face for 15 minutes. For too long time, not only does the moisture evaporate and does not achieve the effect of moisturizing, and sometimes it even evaporates the moisture on the face.

4, timely use of cream to lock moisture and essence

After tearing the paper underneath the film, you should see that the moist skin does not think that you are finished. Oh, the complete mask procedure is not over. The final finish is the layer of cream that holds moisture and essence. After the mask is applied, the moisture and essence have not been completely absorbed by the skin. If they are directly exposed to the air, they will quickly evaporate. Therefore, the mask should be applied immediately after applying the mask, and the effect will be more permanent and obvious.

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