Homemade wine mask

Update:16 Jan 2018

Although the variety of mask sold in shopping malls, bu […]

Although the variety of mask sold in shopping malls, but the price is not cheap. Wine mask here is one of them, it has the role of exfoliating, skin, and the best before going to sleep at night. In fact, at home, you can DIY a red wine mask, but also time-consuming effortless, easy to learn, the cost is greatly reduced.
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To make red wine mask, red wine and compressed mask paper is essential. Also need a small plastic container or glass container. It should be noted that, after all, red wine contains alcohol, so skin allergies are advised to use caution. Do not buy the wine is the kind of cheap on the market, the best brand, but not necessarily the kind of expensive.
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Before making, he must first prepare, wash the hands with soap disinfection, and to ensure that plastic containers or glass containers are also clean. First compressed mask paper into the container, into which the new split red wine, then the mask will rise, the amount of pouring wine can not mask. About 15 minutes, it can be used out.


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