Update:22 Mar 2018

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Do not hurry to catch the epidemic, but only focus on removing the acne, use the tear-off mask, and then stick with the moisturizing mask.

That kind of effect is definitely not equal to going to a beauty salon. The real mask, it should be the first to do a subtraction of the skin, that is, deep cleansing, exfoliation, removal of oxidized oil, and then add to the skin, that is, in the moisturizing

Based on whitening, anti-aging, balancing oils and other maintenance work.


The principle of the mask is to use the short time covered in the face to temporarily isolate the outside air and pollution, increase the skin temperature, expand the pores of the skin, promote the secretion and metabolism of the sweat glands, and increase the oxygen content of the skin.

Rising is beneficial to the skin's elimination of the metabolic products of the epidermis and the accumulated oils and fats. The moisture in the mask penetrates into the cuticle of the epidermis, the skin becomes soft, and the skin is naturally light and elastic. Form Mask

The main forms are mud paste type, tearing type, jelly type, wet paper towel type four.

Mud-type facial mask is common seaweed mask, mineral mud mask, etc., tear-type mask is the most common blackhead acne special paste, jelly type is best known for sleep mask, wet tissue type is generally single-chip packaging infiltration

Mask paper for beauty liquid. With the development of beauty science and technology, there has been a mask made of silk, which, strictly speaking, should be classified as a wet tissue type mask.

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