Mask is quite a exquisite, realize the misunderstanding to avoid free work

Update:04 Aug 2016

Do you have cold air before New Year's Eve? Cold weathe […]

Do you have cold air before New Year's Eve? Cold weather is not even skin care steps are too lazy to get? In the winter and spring when the skin is the dry season, therefore, even if the cold must adhere to do mask.

1, must adhere to the mask

Winter and spring transfer is the skin of the "dry season", a long time the air conditioning environment so that the skin because of lack of water becomes dark yellow no luster. Want to keep the water tender skin, moisturizing mask, but the fastest effect of the weapon. So afraid of cold should also adhere to the mask.

2, before the mask to promote the absorption of steam

When the temperature is low, the body's metabolism will slow down the pores will shrink. The same mask, the effect is generally no other season more obvious. If you are in front of the mask with warm water to wash your face or steam steamed surface, so when applied to the mask can not only make facial pores can also promote its blood circulation, so that the skin better absorb the moisture and essence of the mask.

3, moisturizing mask can be heated

Heating mask may be a lot of people will think of a practice, but when the heart is not the end do not know will not damage the composition of the mask itself. It is most suitable to soak the normal moisturizing mask in a water temperature of 45 ° C for 5 minutes. If the temperature is too high or the heating time is too long, it will damage the composition of the mask. 45 ℃ slightly higher than the body of 36.8 ℃ normal body temperature, for the unstable component is relatively safe temperature. Soak 5 minutes after the temperature will be integrated into the mask and the human body almost the same temperature, the effect of course the best.

4, whitening can not be heated

Just mentioned the heating for the moisturizing mask is very useful, but we all remember, and this is not applicable for whitening mask! Because the whitening mask of vitamin C, amino acids, as well as last year's hot ingredients mixed with acid and so on are unstable ingredients, after heating you take it.

Tips: clean class, compact class, cell activation class mask composition is relatively stable, but after the benefit of heating to promote absorption.

5, can be done at room temperature high places

Air-conditioned room, the bathroom in such a relatively high room temperature is most suitable for the mask, in a warm environment, the body's blood circulation will become faster, the use of pores when the mask deposited on the face, can promote the mask Absorption.

6, do not face the heater and other equipment

Just said that at high temperatures in the room will do to facilitate absorption, some people would like to, that direct face to the heater does not line? The answer is of course NO! Deposited mask that white is the use of the principle of isolation from the air so that nutrients penetrate into the skin, stimulate the skin continuously continue to absorb a large number of nutrients. The heater such equipment, not only is not conducive to the absorption of the mask, but will make hot air drying the face of the water, the more dry.

7, mask three days once the best

Mask of course, there are stress, one day and one application of a month are not scientific. Skin from the basal cell layer to the new stratum corneum is 25 days, the new horny becomes useless old dead horny is 3 days, so 3 days to do a mask is the best.

Dry climate, easy to dry the water, mask stay in the face of the time to 15 minutes is appropriate, too long time not only because of the evaporation of moisture can not achieve the effect of moisturizing, and sometimes even evaporate the face of water.

8, timely use of cream to lock the water and essence

Pull the mask of the piece of paper, see the moist skin do not think that the finished Oh, the integrity of the mask program is not over, the final ending is to lock the water and the essence of the layer of cream. Just after the completion of the mask after the moisture and the essence has not been completely absorbed by the skin, if directly exposed to the air will soon evaporate, so apply the mask should immediately coated with cream, the effect can be more long and obvious.

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