Crystal type mask

Update:12 Dec 2017

     Definition: Silicone, agar and other crystal gels […]

     Definition: Silicone, agar and other crystal gels as the base material, and then condensed into a variety of nutrients, the formation of a transparent crystal-like mask. Crystal glue and skin contact with the role of body temperature will gradually dissolve and penetrate.
        1) the appearance of skin crystal clear beauty;
       2) easy to use; direct application, and no mucus sticky hands;
       3) good sealing to fill the non-woven mask skin imperfection and material fine lines of the inherent deficiencies, used in the eye mask is particularly suitable.
       4) gentle nature, most skin can be used.

      1) Due to the constraints of the crystalline film, there is a limit to the added skin care ingredients;
      2) airtight, when applied to the skin caused by Metro metabolism metabolism and discomfort, apply the time is not easy too long.

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