Brief introduction of silk mask

Update:26 Dec 2017

    Definition: Invisible silk mask using natural plant […]

    Definition: Invisible silk mask using natural plant fiber, through the world's most advanced organic solvent spinning process, it has good elasticity and toughness, can absorb a lot of essence at the same time, close to the skin surface, when the film can move freely , Without lying down. And deposited in the face to achieve the effect of transparent invisibility. More traditional than the non-woven mask more posts, more convenient and elegant. Is a good non-woven mask upgrade. Because of its thin, such as silkworm wings, pulled up as silk, so the name "silk mask." But its composition has nothing to do with the silk, so here we call it the "concept invisible silk mask."
Feature of product:
1) Transparent invisible, light and without burden: According to the measurement, a piece of "silk invisible mask" which is not filled weighs only 1 to 1.4 grams and the thickness is only 0.1 mm. It can support 25 times the essence, so deposited in the face you almost feel the presence of the film. This is a non-woven effect can not be achieved.
2) Flexible, more docile; the use of natural plant fibers, through the world's advanced weaving process than non-woven mask more elastic and toughness, deposited in the face after stretching according to the different face shape adjustment SIZE, to take care of All corners of the skin, perfect fit skin contour.
3) Soft and silky: The new organic solvent textile technology, with silk luster and silky soft touch, good water absorption, beautiful drape, natural breathability, anti-static and other excellent features, so that the skin to enjoy the silk Smooth and delicate coating of the feeling.
1) The current market invisible silk mask due to the quality of manufacturers varies greatly, some products are unsafe products, manufacturers choose carefully.
2) A lot of false propaganda and the product itself does not match, mislead consumers.

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