Black mask

Update:05 Dec 2017

     Definition: Black non-woven mask. Common black mas […]

     Definition: Black non-woven mask. Common black mask film market, the main outstanding cleaning power, balance oil control and other effects.
Black mask material has two major categories
       1, with ordinary non-woven fabric dyeing. Dyed black non-woven mask with ordinary non-woven mask is no different, there is no special cleaning power, nor apply the skin, and dyeing color may be released to the essence of liquid, black products.
       2, bamboo charcoal fiber non-woven: bamboo charcoal fiber mask on the market black mask mainstream, easy bamboo charcoal fiber mixed with other absorbent plant fibers such as cotton, cotton and other non-woven manufactured. As the pore structure of bamboo charcoal itself is checkered, light texture. Made of fiber throat porosity reduction, but also reduce the ability to adsorb dirt, docile level is generally no difference with the general non-woven fabrics, the mask usually need to open the mouth to fit multi-angle facial skin.

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