Biological fiber mask

Update:23 Jan 2018

   Definition: Bacterial Cellulose, which is produced b […]

   Definition: Bacterial Cellulose, which is produced by the fermentation of natural raw materials, is selected by the strict selection of biological species. Bio-cellulose, the latest biochemical technology, comes from Microbial engineering, Industry is widely used in artificial blood vessels and artificial leather products, with excellent docile water retention capacity, 100% biocompatible. Skin-friendly non-stimulating, is an epoch-making product, the mask upgrade to a new level of professional medical beauty level. Medical burn burn wound dressing, clinically proven to have good effect.
    Ingredients: 99.9% of its composition is Bacterial Cellulose, natural biological fiber material is mainly formed by biological polymers (such as nucleic acids, proteins, cellulose and polysaccharides), of which structural proteins are an important category, including Silk, spider silk and glue oxygen fiber and so on.
Biological fiber features:
    1) Microfiber and excellent adsorption, biofiber diameter of 2-100 nm, about hair 1/1000 fine, is the traditional non-woven 1/133, deep furrows, firmly grasp the skin cells, Produce the role of pulling up, the role of negative pressure, forcing the skin to absorb the essence of the mouth.
    2) super water storage function (the general film, the dry film on the water, you can store 200g), special water vapor transfer rate, make the skin better absorption.
    3) With high flexibility and adaptability, biocompatibility.
    4) dense reticular 3D micro-structure, precise repair of each cell!
    5) Pure plant-based organic raw materials, food-grade green mask
   Disadvantages: Because the product contains a hollow body bioactive substance similar to the human epidermal cell nucleus, through a special process, the fermentation process needs to be cultured at a high temperature of 38 degrees to allow nutrients to enter the hollow bioactive body, the production process is complex . If microscopy at 1000 degrees look at microscopy is the rule, the thickness is not uniform, the naked eye is indistinguishable, longer duration. Therefore, the production cost is expensive, mainly for high-end consumer groups, due to the production requirements are very strict, a little deal with easy to mold.

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