Application of spunlace fabric

Update:14 Nov 2017

First, the medical aspects Abandoned surgical clothing, […]

First, the medical aspects
Abandoned surgical clothing, surgical cover cloth, tablecloths, surgical apron, etc.
Wound dressing materials, bandages, gauze, Band-Aid, etc .;
Second, clothing such as clothing interlining, baby clothes, training clothes, carnival night one-time color suits, all kinds of protective clothing such as surgical suits;
Third, the wipes such as household, personal, beauty, industrial, medical wipes and so on;
Fourth, decorative fabrics such as car interiors, home interiors, stage decoration, etc .;
Fifth, agricultural categories such as greenhouse insulation, weed control growth, bumper harvest, pest control fresh cloth, etc .;
Sixth, spunlace non-woven fabrics can also be used for composite processing, can produce "sandwiches" type of structure of the product, the development of a variety of uses of new composite materials.

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