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Is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province Lin'an Linglong Industrial Park Ya Village, now has two international advanced Spunlaced non-woven production lines, two automatic, five semi-automatic non-woven products processing equipment, is a professional mask non-woven Sheet Mask Production, processing enterprises, the registered capital of 80 million yuan.

Note: Hangzhou Chengbang Industrial Co., Ltd. changed its name to Hangzhou Hengbang Industrial Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Hengbang Industrial Co., Ltd. headquarters in China, South Korea branch for the sea trade.

Your preform Non-woven Face Mask Sheet expert

Non-woven wipes products and industrial electronics, high-end beauty materials, civilian cleaning wipes, medical and health and other areas of multi-purpose products

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  • Professional

    Focus on preform mould more than 20 years.

  • quality

    We build up a prefect quality control system and imported a series of... high precision inspection instrument.

  • Category

    Our products are widely used in water, beverage, edible oil, food, cosmetic, detergent and pharmaceutical industries.

  • service

    Provide best solution and technology consultation.


5% North America
5% Europe
30% China
40% Korea
20% Japan


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